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Always Prepared

 A facility can be fogged to provide a whole room disinfecting, including difficult to reach areas such as ceilings, high walls and behind refrigerators. Fogging is also great because it minimizes cross-contamination by not using rags or mops, which with traditional routine cleaning there is more room for error. Fogging is effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. We at the Cleaning Fanatics only use EPA ( approved Chemicals to ensure our clients safety and our technicians.

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Attention to Detail

Since its founding, Cleaning Fanatics Inc. has been dedicated to 'clean'. We only use chemicals that are approved by the EPA ( and follow all CDC guidelines for routine cleaning.  We offer three types of routine cleaning:

  1. Routine Cleaning  (Where we clean the dirt, grim and film)

  2. Two Pass System Cleaning  (Routine Cleaning & Disinfecting spray & wipe method)

  3. Three Pass Cleaning System  (Routine Cleaning & Disinfecting spray wipe method, third pass using Disinfecting spray & wipe method)

 These cleans can be personalized to cater to your needs to ensure the results you want and deserve.

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Expert Service

When it comes to carpets we know it can be difficult to find a company to ensure your safety for both you and your carpets. Thats why we offer both Extraction and Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Care. Each method has its own benefits and has been tested and proven to give your carpets the best care possible. At the Cleaning Fanatics we provide our Clients with state of the art chemicals and techniques to ensure your carpets get the best care and treatment possible. Our technicians are Friendly, Knowledgeable and Safe when it comes to taking care of our Clients.
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"Your Carpets are Begging for a new and Brighter Day"



Always Prepared

We Scrub and Clean all types of hard floors including: Ceramic, VCT Tile, LVT Tile, Natural Stone and More. With our dedicated team of technicians, we ensure quality service with our extensive knowledge of floor scrubbing and polishing.
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